Buffalo Clover (Limited time only!)

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Time to get in the Irish spirit before St. Patrick's Day! This is a limited sale! This design will be available 2/15 through 2/28. All orders will be processed and ready to ship/be picked up on 3/6.

A portion of every sale in this design will help Eric Hickman in his battle with stage 4 cancer. You can read his story below.

Our family needs your help! Eric Hickman has had more than his share of medical challenges over his 39 years. Since he was 15, he has suffered with Crohn's disease, had 2 bowel resection surgeries, pancreatitis, and as if that wasn't enough, in August 2019 he was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in his stomach and small bowel. Having just lost his Father to cancer the previous November, this has been an absolutely devastating blow. He is an amazing musician and songwriter and had a successful career in the banking industry. However, going through chemotherapy with all its side effects and setbacks, has taken a debilitating toll on him, making it impossible for him to work or even drive. His disability only covered him for 3 months, which means he now has NO coverage along with no income. He is also forced to pay his own medical coverage and large deductibles, all with no income, as he has been unable to work since July 2019. He fights hard every day to keep a positive attitude to promote healing.  He fights hard every single day to be here and be present for his teenage son, his brothers,  nephews and his mother, his primary caregiver. The doctors say he is going to need chemo for at least another year. He needs these costly medical treatments but he may not be able to continue them without your support. Anything you can give is greatly appreciated. Our family has always supported others and different causes, never thinking one day we would need the support back.

If you don't want a shirt, but would like to donate you can click HERE.